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Spatulas and Buttons.

29 Jan

The inaugural post! Now you may be wondering what spatulas and buttons have in common…well, nothing. But they represent two hobbies of mine – cooking and crafting. I do more cooking than crafting, but I’d like to capture both on here. I want some place to track my real successes and epic failures. Maybe somebody will stumble upon this and pick up an idea or two. If not, this is my virtual recipe box and craft project timeline.

This is my second time blogging (I blogged while studying abroad in the Netherlands, read here if you’re curious: I tend to have an unusual blogging style so if there is anyone out there reading this, be forewarned.

1) I write in incomplete thoughts. It’s more fun.

2) I use hyphens too much. I know. I do it anyway.

3) See #1. I also enjoy using “…” wherever possible.

4) I am not a chef. I’m not a professional crafter. I’m learning as I go.

5) I thoroughly enjoy following and reading other blogs, searching and looking in magazines for ideas. I’ll always source any recipe or craft idea I’ve found in the off chance  1) I attact any readers and 2) said readers want to make what I did.

I think that’s all the forewarnings. As of now, anyway. Let the blogging begin!

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