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Earring Chain

6 Mar

So this was an idea I came across at some point in the last few months, I believe it was pinterest (do you sense a theme here?). Super simple idea for those of us who have a problem with having too many earrings and having no idea how to store them. I’ve tried different boxes for different types, arranging on a plate etc. None of these methods seem to work too well so I was up for trying something new…an earring chain!

I am a bit concerned that when taking a pair off, others will also fall. A few attempts I made this week while packing for work (I travel for work and usually pack 3-4 different earrings…one must accessorize each outfit!) caused some others to fall. I’ll have to see if it’s just me learning to take them off the chain, or perhaps the chain needs to be farther away from the wall to avoid that problem? I’ll continue the experiment and see.

All you need for this craft is a metal chain. I got mine at Home Depot and had the guy helping me cut off about two feet. I hung it with two nails, but I’d imagine hooks would work too. It may be more stable and allow you more room between the chain and wall for your earrings to ‘dangle’ instead of be ‘pinned’ between the wall and chain, like mine. I will forewarn, the more of a ‘U’ you have, the more the earrings will sag together. I think it’s more fun to see all the earrings you have, so aiming for more of a line vs. a ‘U’ shape should help with that.

I recommend hanging your heaviest pairs in the middle and the more dainty on the outside. This helps keep the slight ‘U’ shape while avoiding anything dainty being smashed or hidden by heavier pairs.

Good luck and happy earring hanging!

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