Hello! I’m Betsy, the author behind Spatulas and Buttons. This may be just another cooking and crafting blog that you stumbled upon. But, I like to think I add a dash of humor, self-deprecation, fun facts and entertainment as I journey through the world of spatulas and buttons  – a.k.a the worlds of food and crafts. Like so many things in life, I feel that with spatulas and buttons, you can never have too many.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking, baking as well as crafting up new projects. I don’t get a huge amount of time to do these things due to the travel my job requires every week. However, I do think this allows me to really enjoy and savor the time I get to dive into new recipes or a new project. I love to share the ups and downs of each attempt I make as I’m far from being a prime-time chef or a Martha Stewart. But that makes the adventure fun.

Please do stick around, read a few posts, leave a comment or two and try out the recipes/crafts on the blog. I would love to hear how they go for you!



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