Lox Bagels

3 Apr

Need a good way to start the morning? Need a little zip when you begin your day? Do you enjoy delicious food to get you out of bed in the morning? I sure hope you would say yes to ALL three of those (because I sure do)!! I have a simple, delectable, wondrous, magical…ok, lots and lots of good adjectives…recipe/assembling order for you.

Lox bagels baby! These can be made in a variety of ways and this just happens to be how I prefer it. But as I say in many posts, experiment and make your own concoction!

First, I highly recommend finding some Everything (also known as Kitchen Sink) bagels. They have a such a great mix of flavor, which I think is one of the best parts of this meal. I found some great bagels at Whole Foods that are from the St. Paul Bagelry. For anyone in the area – encourage you to give these a try!

Slice up the bagel and pop ’em into a toaster. I like mine toasted, though you may decide untoasted is your thing. Either way, these bagels will be tasty. You can’t go wrong!

Grab a white onion and slice a few rings off.

Find some tasty looking tomatoes. Only tasty looking tomatoes will do. Chose wisely.

Cut a few slices…one or two for each bagel.

Set your sliced veggies aside and grab some cream cheese. I think this concoction works best with plain cream cheese, but you could always use a vegetable cream cheese, chive cream cheese – anything with a little zip would probably work well. I really like to let the Everything bagel be my main flavor, which is why I go with plain.

Spread it on your bagel and then grab your lox. I didn’t have a great reason for why I picked the brand I did, but it looked like it would be good, so into my basket at Whole Foods it went.

Slice it into pieces that will fit well onto the bagel. I had about 3-4 pieces layered on each bagel half. It didn’t quite use up the whole salmon slab, so I have a bit leftover to use for another bagel.

Now it’s time to layer! On top of the cream cheese slathered bagel halves, lay your lox pieces…then the tomato… and finally the onion…and TA-DA! Lox bagels baby!


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