Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

14 Nov

As promised, it is time! Giveaway time that is. Now for anyone new to the S&B Giveaway concept, it’s pretty darn simple. And you can win some pretty awesome treats, delivered right to your door via mail and baked with love and some funky dance moves from yours truly. There have been two past Giveaways and you can read about the lucky winners and their boxes o’ winnings here and here.

S&B Thanksgiving Giveaway:

Who/Why: Because it’s the time of year when we all take a step back and think about all of the various blessings we have to be thankful for, I want you all to know how thankful I am for YOU. This blog would just be an awkward food-picture filled diary without you all to read, comment, like, try out recipes and keep the dialogue a two-way street. It’s the best when one of you tell me that you’ve made a recipe and  you / your family / your friends etc. enjoyed it. To show you all my appreciation, there will be THREE lucky winners!!!

What: A fun-filled box of goodies could arrive at YOUR door. It will cost $0. And there will be enough treats in your box to share with family and friends OR if you must, you could hoard it all for yourself. But c’mon, it’s the holidays and show your love for others with a little sharing. 🙂

What will be in said box?

  • YOU GET TO PICK! You get to pick something from the blog OR you can get creative and make a request! The only guidelines are that your choice must be ok being outside of a refrigerator (cookies/muffins/snacks/cupcakes…all great for mailing) so that when your box arrives, the contents are edible.
  • A spatula to add to your kitchen. I’m excellent at picking out fantastic, colorful (and durable) spatulas. Promise!
  • As with the previous Blog Giveaways, other fun surprises will likely find their way in. Don’t think anyone will be upset about that.

How: Entering the Giveaway is easy…all you must do is be a Follower of the blog!

  • If you’re already a Follower, then congrats you are already entered to win! Three cheers!!
  • If you’re not already a Follower, then click the Follow button in the upper right corner of the blog, follow the prompts (you’ll receive an email and need to confirm from that email) and become an official Follower to be entered. Becoming a Follower means that you’ll get an email each time I post in the future. This is also how I’ll clarify the details of the package and the mailing address with the winner as I get to see a list of all Blog Followers’ email addresses.
  • The winner will be selected through use of a random number generator where each person will be assigned a number and the RNG will do the rest. Equal chance for all! But TRIPLE the opportunity for you all with THREE BOXES!!

When: The Giveaway entry period will end Saturday, November 15th at 11:57 PM (CST) [because random numbers are more fun]. I’ll announce the winner in a post Sunday sometime between 12:01 PM and 12:17 PM. Mark your calendars!

Those are all the details, friends. It’s my way of saying thanks and providing some delicious treats to three lucky readers.

Ready, set, GO!!!


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