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S&B Giveaway Post #2

28 May

Hello friends! Welcome to the second S&B Giveaway Post!! I have all the juicy details for you: what the Giveaway entails, how to enter, when the winner will be announced and why am I doing this Giveaway Post in the first place.

Ready for more info?!

S&B Giveaway #2:

What: A fun-filled box of goodies could arrive at YOUR door. It will cost you zero dollars. It will include all sorts of delicious treats for you and your family/friends (or just you if you’re not the “sharing” kind). It will be FUN.

What will be in said box?

  • A cookie of your choice from this blog OR you can request something new that hasn’t been featured on here yet! I’d be happy to expand my cookie baking if you can’t find something from this blog you’d like to find within your box. I will not take it personally!
  • A muffin OR cupcake of your choice from this blog OR you can request something new that hasn’t been featured on here yet. Same reason as the bullet above.
  • A snack of your choice from this blog, from these options: Spicy Caramel Corn, Chipotle & Rosemary Nuts or Granola
  • A spatula to add to your kitchen. I’m excellent at picking out cool looking spatulas, trust me. I’ll make it a super great one. Scouts honor.
  • As with the Inaugural Blog Giveaway, other fun surprises will likely find their way in. Happens.

Why: Because everyone needs a fun package in the mail. And because it’s so fun to surprise other people and get them excited about food! AND because this summer is a really, really fun one (about to be a Mrs. in 38 days!!!!)….I’ll be giving away not just one Giveaway box, but TWO BOXES!!!!

How: Entering the Giveaway is easy…all you must do is be a Follower of the blog!

  • If you’re already a Follower, then congrats you are already entered to win!! Huzzah!!!
  • If you’re not already a Follower, then click the Follow button in the upper right corner of the blog, follow the prompts (you’ll receive an email and need to confirm from that email) and become an official Follower to be entered. Becoming a Follower means that you’ll get an email each time I post in the future, This is also how I’ll clarify the details of the package and the mailing address with the winner as I get to see a list of all Blog Followers’ email addresses.
  • The winner will be selected through use of a random number generator where each person will be assigned a number and the RNG will do the rest. Equal chance for all! But DOUBLE the opportunity for you all with TWO BOXES!!

When: The Giveaway entry period will end Friday, May 30th at 7:00 PM (CST). I’ll announce the winner in a post Friday evening sometime between 9:02 PM and 9:53 PM. Mark your calendars!

Those are all the details, friends. It’s painless, free and you have DOUBLE the chance to win a box o’ treats from me! I cannot wait to bake up treats for two lucky winners!!

Wishing all of you the very best of luck!!!


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